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Welcome to Hell.

ontd_volterra is an off-topic community where you are free to roam and sparkle in the sun...with a few rules, of course.

- Please don't bring your drama here. Yes, I'm aware this community is the offspring of the drama llama, but we're trying to clean up our act. We're actually a group of close, caring girls(and maybe a few boys....though I haven't spotted one in awhile) and we're very accepting of new people with good intentions. We don't enjoy being roped into silly arguments, so leave that behind when you join the community, please.

- Please respect other members. Be polite. We all poke fun at each other, but we do it out of love. Lots of us are Disney whores, but don't be afraid to your own interests in this community! We all enjoy having new things to talk about and getting interested in new things. Don't be intimidated by all the Jonas Brothers posts in this community. Ahem.

- We have a RP community, real_volterra. If you choose to RP, your character may post here, but please keep it to a bare minimum. We made the community separate for a reason.

- You may post almost anything. Please don't post anything graphically violent. If you are posting something with nudity, please put it under a cut and label it 'NSFW'. NO AIM CHAT POSTS. They get annoying. Don't spam the page constantly, please. Otherwise, posts are a free-for-all!

- Keep the personal posts to a minimum. If you need to vent, bitch, whine, moan, etc, that's fine, but please contribute to community positively too. Posts concerning other communities or lj members bothering you, however, aren't welcome here. ontd_volterra is not anyone's personal army.

- Your mods are devours, happytofu and eroticbrunch. If you have any questions, complaints or comments you can contact one of us through PM or you may comment in the Page-a-Mod post. Membership is moderated at this time to filter out trolls and drama-mongers :)

ontd_volterra is NOT in competition with anyone else nor do we consider ourselves 'enemies' with another other community on livejournal, so please do not assume that. DON'T COME HERE TO BITCH ABOUT WHAT SO'n'SO's COMMUNITY DID TO YOU.

Thank you for considering our community and we hope you enjoy it here!

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